Hassan was unable to hook up with me this week so when Saturday opened up, he didn’t hesitate. Along with him were Jo & Hicham,  giving me the opportunity to run 4 lines. We started in an area hoping for some keeper walleye and weren’t disappointed. Unfortunately they only managed to land 3 legal ones, but it was a start. Hassan also caught several large northerns that he didn’t want pics of and they went back immediately. Seeing as how we were fishing closer than usual to the shore, I was able to see other boats around. In fact one of the boats was staying in a particular area just pounding on the bass. I guess he had a special “Catch & Release” permit! Not enough game wardens around! We continued our troll but with only three lines out, as they wanted to hold the rods. Almost immediately, Hassan got hit so hard by one fish that the line began to scream from the reel. I wasn’t sure what he had but knew it was big! It wasn’t until the fish was close to the boat that we could see in the dark water and were all amazed when we realized it was a catfish. Not only was it a cat but it was enormous! Once landed, I instructed him on how to hold the beast & took several pics. It was released unharmed! Not much happened afterwards except for a few smaller eyes. I decided to make a long run to another walleye area in hopes of bagging a few more keepers for them. I tried a few places that I hadn’t been to this season and managed a couple more eyes and several other northerns. Constant moving eventually got us into a better quality bite as everything here was large. Only one walleye was landed though, but it was a good photo fish. By late in the afternoon, still without any wind, the bugs became insane. The heat wasn’t much better either and everyone agreed on another run back to where we started. I think it was because they wanted the bugs gone and a little air conditioning! Once back to where we started, a few more walleye were captured bringing up their count. Today was a little slower than I was use to seeing but there were still plenty of fish caught. The flat calm conditions had our numbers down, however they all  managed to catch good fish. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a little wind. Lately it’s either flat calm or hurricane like. Looks like “Mother Nature” is back in fine form again this year!!