Alan brought along a couple of coworkers today looking to catch a few fish for the table. One of them was local and the other all the way from China. Walleye was on the menu but the conditions weren’t great. We started off with winds from the west blowing 20 knots or better, with even stronger gusts. I had a long run and managed to keep everyone dry and not in pain from all the pounding. We set the lines as I instructed them on what to do and began. The first fish of the day was once again a double and they were both walleye. One keeper and one over were what we were rewarded with and each one was placed into different waters. These conditions were tough to troll in and I found myself off course several times while making turns. Despite the poor boat control, we still managed to catch several pike and walleye. Everyone was reeling in fish with some of them being kept while the bulk were being released. A couple of rather large perch even found their way into the livewell for the dinner tonight. Sometime late in the morning, the winds actually diminished and trolling became simple once again. I was able to cover all the water I wanted and managed to hook into pike and walleye regularly. We built up the numbers and thought things were going great until it started blowing even harder than earlier. I was actually glad it was only a half day trip as we were now trying to fish in three footers. When waves are like this about the only troll you can do is downstream. I had no choice but to cover all the area quickly and continue with the wind at our back. Many more fish were landed before we finally pulled the plug with the last double of the day. Considering that I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to get out this morning, I think we did really good. It still turned out to be a high numbers outing and all three of them couldn’t believe that they had landed as many fish as they did. Mother nature may have thrown a curve at us this morning but we still managed to hit it out of the park. Great day on the water!