William treated his two sons, Peter & Alex to another fishing trip today. Without realizing it, I guess he also treated his wife too! I knew by the beautiful weather that they would have a great time, loaded with plenty of fish. Winds were nonexistent along with sunshine and temps up to 80 degrees. With everyone in the boat, running 4 rods was the game plan to monopolize on the bites. It didn’t take long before we were locked up and the kids began reeling everything in. William was here for them and would have to wait before getting his turn! We never spent much time between fish and the numbers were adding up fast. So far they were all pike, but I wanted to find some eyes. I knew it was only a matter of time before I located the walleye and find them I did. The first few were all overs up to 24 inches, with no pike in between. I kept in this area and eventually managed to get several keeper sized ones in the 19 to 20 inch range for them to take home. It also gave Alex something to amuse himself with, as they swam in the livewell for his viewing! With every passing hour, both temps were climbing and the water eventually reached 60 degrees in one area. It was here that the doubles began! Along with all the fish, several boats decided to troll over when they saw all the action. For once, I didn’t care because there was plenty of fish for everyone to share. We definitely got ours and I think most of theirs too as very little time passed between bites. We even managed our only triple amongst all this chaos! There were so many fish being caught that William was finally getting in the game. In fact, he was able to fight plenty of fish in the last couple of hours when Alex just passed out from exhaustion. Peter & his dad reeled the remainder of the fish in, right until the end. We even had to wake the little guy up when we were done so that we could run back. He was totally out of steam! They had caught more fish today than they ever had before. In fact, even more than all of last year combined! Plans of another trip were already in the making before we even got the boat on the trailer. Hopefully the next time out I can put them on even more! Great day for fishing!!