I had an on line booking yesterday from my calendar that put me back on the lake this morning. It seems that a couple from Switzerland had located my Website and all the details were done through my reservations page for a morning trip. They arrived and we wasted no time getting started. After a quick orientation of the set up, they were ready to go. Fabi & Adriana were not new to fishing but this trolling technique was definitely something that they hadn’t seen before. In less than a minute the first reel fired and they knew it worked! I was also informed on how difficult their fishing was back home when Fabi mentioned that sometimes they fish all day just to get a bite. Today wouldn’t be like home! From this moment on the rods would fire with multiple hook ups and plenty of doubles. An occasional triple was also had as we were on fish big time! Although the water temps were in the mid 50’s, a slight adjustment had them eating. I watched all morning as both Fabi & Adriana reeled in one fish after another. They were mostly pike, but several quality eyes were in the mix too. Ironically it was pike that they fished for back in Switzerland and catching as many as they did today was a real treat. Both of them had never experienced fishing like this before and couldn’t believe it was even possible. Right up until the last few minutes of the trip, they caught. In fact, I ended the day with appropriately, another double header! To say they were content would be an understatement. This was the highlight of their vacation and the best fishing they had ever experienced. It’s gonna be tough to go fishing back in Switzerland when they get home. I guess they’ll have to plan another trip to Montreal for more insane action!!