I decided to check out local waters this afternoon, in preparation for upcoming clients. Despite the warm air temps, the waters were still way below normal. I covered plenty of area, spot checking for pike & walleye and found temps ranging between 52 & 55 degrees in most. It wasn’t a problem locating fish, but getting them to move required several adjustments. From techniques to bait size & color, I did it all until I found the right combination. I could have stayed on the fish and likely landed plenty more but after only a few large walleye, pulled out to check elsewhere. Later in the afternoon I located the warmest water but at only 59 degrees, it still seemed cold. A number of big pike made mistakes and ended up on the end of the line from here, and were released as well.  Although the active fish weren’t great, their size was impressive! The upcoming warm weather will definitely trigger many more fish into feeding and higher number days will arrive.

I still have plenty of available openings for anyone seeking action in the form of 50 plus fish days. This is a great time to take advantage of size and numbers as both pike & walleye become plentiful. Their spawn period has all but ended and they’ll be on the feed trying to bulk up soon. With the Website overhaul complete, booking a date has never been easier. With the new reservation system in place, there are now multiple ways to contact me. I look forward to getting back on the water, with many new faces this season!