Hassan, David & Joe were with me this morning as I began the day for sturgeon once again. Unfortunately after about two hours of watching paint dry, all we had to show for our efforts were several missed takes and stripped hooks. A quick change had them into walleye & bass in another area despite the zero winds once again. It was a real scorcher by afternoon and thoughts of raising the roof were thrown around. Unfortunately due to the technique they were using, it would only have gotten in the way and we decided against it. I literally had to drive over the fish and mark them in order to get bit! These things weren’t moving at all and the baits had to be right in their faces. By late afternoon they had their fill of smaller fish and wanted to try for something big again. We headed to deeper waters and in about 90 minutes managed to boat a few beasts! Although the early morning hadn’t been kind to us, the afternoon was definitely better and we called it a day not long after. They even managed to take a few walleye home for dinner!