An old client of mine had contacted me months ago to organize a day out with three of his friends. Today they arrived to see Montreal at its finest! Although the troll for the elusive musky proved useless, we turned everything around after. The remainder of the day was well spent drop shotting open water for a mix of bass, walleye and a few decent northern pike. This was one of the hottest days in a while, but all four of them didn’t think so. Seeing as how they were from North Carolina, this wasn’t even what they would call hot. They didn’t even break a sweat while I broiled in the sun! Thankfully the fishing was just as hot and plenty of action was had after the morning troll ended. Evans called it somewhere around 3:00 as they had a long drive back to Ottawa where they were staying. Although we had kept a few walleye for them to enjoy tonight, they opted to pass and go out to a restaurant where they would eat instead. I freed all the fish to be caught another day. Luck fish today!