Peter and his family fished with me today for pretty much everything that swims. They really loved the bass & sturgeon fishing and managed to get some pretty nice ones. The heat was unbearable at times, so  I took them to a mid lake sandbar in the afternoon, for a cooling dip in the lake. As refreshing as it was they were glad to get back to catching more fish before calling it a day. The late afternoon rally saw Sheri catching two of the biggest walleye that had to be released. It didn’t matter though as they had enough for the dinner I had organized for them at a local restaurant. We hooked back up again by 7:00 and they enjoyed their fresh fish of the day! What a perfect way to end an incredible day of fishing by enjoying some of the fish you caught! I hope the rest of their vacation is as enjoyable as what they experienced today and wish them well for the remainder of their stay here in Montreal!