Stephane was with me today along with his girlfriend and her two children from France. We met up before 7:00 hoping to get a jump on the boat traffic as it was to become another beautiful day. Although cool this morning, temps were forecasted to reach into the 80’s by afternoon. With this many bodies aboard and both kids never having fished before, trolling was the way to go! After a short run to our first location, I set the lines and instructed Stephane on how to remove the rods. I wouldn’t always be able to get to them and needed a backup person when the reels fired. With four lines in the water, I knew we would be into fish quickly and wasn’t trolling for 2 minutes when one of them went off. First fish of the day and Stephane was into a rather large pike again. I had been seeing quality pike lately and this was another. A quick pic and back to the water to be caught another day. Plenty of fish followed and everyone was taking turns reeling them in. The entire morning passed by quickly as both pike and walleye were seen by each person, multiple times. As noon was approaching I knew the traffic was about to get worse and sure enough, the cruisers came out. It’s really amazing how they really don’t care about others. Boat after boat went plowing by, rocking & rolling us in the process. Several of them were within 50 feet while one of the kids was fighting a fish, rolling 3 to 4 foot waves. Eventually I just had to cut our loss and relocate! The next area began to produce more walleye than pike and Stephan was happy. They were hoping on taking a few back with them to show the kids what they tasted like. Tonight they would be having fish for dinner! We remained in this area for a while and picked at some good ones before Stephane decided to call it quits. By now it was after 2:30 and they had been fishing for almost 8 hours. One more fish and we were done. I packed everything up and we were off to the ramp, hoping for the best. Fortunately there wasn’t a traffic jam there and I was out quickly. For a first time experience, these children had the time of their lives. They had landed so many fish that they wanted to come back. Hopefully the next time they’re here, I’ll see them again! A great time was had by all and only a few fish got hurt!!