Well I found out today why the traffic was so light on Canada Day! Eric & his sons, Clayton & Cameron accompanied me this morning after a day of the “Big Blow”. We still had some winds this morning from the SW but nothing the likes of yesterday. We made our way through two footers and arrived to our first location with anticipation. I had loaded the boat for bear today as they wanted to try for everything. After trolling for some mythical creature for about an hour, we pulled the plug with just one pike as our reward. I needed to hear the reels fire and it was about to happen. As soon as I switched the big sticks up for the walleye rods, we were rewarded with some action. For the next several hours of trolling, many pike and a bunch of walleye were landed. Even this action wasn’t what I was use to but with barely 65 degree water I wasn’t surprised! The boats were also plentiful today with all the sunshine and traffic became insane right around mid day. I knew I had to pay somehow for the rainy holiday earlier this week. With the winds diminishing you would think the waves would as well, but they were rolling from every direction from all the boats. We made a few attempts at running to other areas of the lake to fish but with only limited results managed to make our way back to near where we had begun. In one area we even were approached by a police boat for a routine inspection. I guess they had nothing better to do as we had to bring in all the lines just so we could comply. Cards, registration, lifejackets, throw ropes, flares, etc. were all checked & verified for yet a second time this season. I really wish they had a sticker or something they could give so that they didn’t have to do repeat checks. I guess it’s a good thing that they are actually out there, but they need to be a little more organized. Once all done we resumed our fishing and managed a few more pike before calling it a day. I had invited them to feast on walleye for dinner and needed time to clean the fish before. We made our way back to the dock around 4:00 and to my surprise, the ramp was clear for me to take out. A rare thing! Although I would have rather seen more cooperative fish today, I was definitely marking them. A mix of techniques were tried but the troll proved to be the most successful. With 4 lines in the water we were able to cover plenty of water and monopolize on the most active biters. With warmer weather forecasted in the next few days, I can only hope the water temps increase and the fish turn on. This roller coaster weather that we keep having definitely keeps me on my toes! A good day on the water with great company followed by a delicious dinner of freshly caught eyes. Who could ask for anything more!!