The weather finally took a turn for the better today as Hassan & Stephan were about to find out. We hit the water under picture perfect skies shortly after 8:00 and raced to our first spot to fish. By being on the water yesterday, I knew exactly where I wanted to start and wasted no time in getting there. Air temps were already in the 70’s and expected to reach the mid 80’s by afternoon, under bluebird skies and little to no wind. I knew the water temps would also be on the rise triggering the fish to eat. Well I was right as I never even got the third rod in when the other two fired! First fish of the day and it was a double header! Two pike were landed and released and we were back in the water searching for more. They had hoped to take a few walleye home for dinner and I was sure they would be able to make it happen. These conditions would only get better as the day went on and the fish would only get more aggressive. High numbers of fish were landed throughout the morning with only a few of them being the targeted walleye, until I shifted locations. It was here that the quantity of fish turned from pike to walleye and several of them were big! I think Stephan had the two largest of the day but Hassan managed several keepers as well. It seemed that a small stretch was producing fish on every pass and we just kept at it. At one point we lost track of just how many were caught as they just kept coming. I don’t know if we hit a feeding time or just the right area but the walleye were eating big time! This continued right up until they called it shortly after 2:00. As always, I have to leave on a high and said that the next fish would signal our departure. Moments later they were reeling in yet another walleye and we called it a day. I usually don’t like to leave fish biting but under the circumstances had no choice. They both had to go into the office for a few hours and didn’t seem to mind the early departure. There were so many fish landed in under 6 hours of fishing that they left completely satisfied. I wish the weather could stay like this for more than just one day at a time. Forecast for tomorrow is another warm, sunny day but hurricane like winds once again. Oh well, one day at a time! Today was another one for the books for all the right reasons. I just hope they’re wrong for tomorrow. If not, at least today was a “Great Day for Fishing”!!