Over the last several months there have been many issues with my Website. I’d like to take this time to apologize to anyone affected by these changes. Emails were sent to the Junk file without ever being seen and automatically deleted after 10 days. Pics from previous reports have been deleted and are presently in the process of being retrieved. Basically a “Hand Grenade” was thrown into the site and I am slowly picking up the pieces! If you were one of the ones that tried to contact me, please resend any and all requests and I will respond immediately. I have also added my cell phone number to the Website in several areas for quicker response time. There should be no more issues with the contact & reservations page so feel free to use that as well. The hard water season has been a long one but an incredibly good one too. Many huge walleye have been landed, photographed & released to spawn this year. Big pike and sturgeon have also come through the holes and I almost wish it wasn’t over. With one more day left in the winter season before it closes, you can rest assured that I will be spending it on the ice. Another “Tailgate” BBQ and loads of fun will end it with a bang! With spring technically here, all we need now is a little melt down and I will be back on the open water once again. I am presently taking bookings for trout/salmon, pike/walleye and bass/sturgeon for this season. As always, I will try to accommodate everyone but for a guarantee, please book in advance. With this cold weather I don’t know how much trout/salmon I will be doing before the pike/walleye season opens in Montreal. Most lakes will likely still be frozen long after the opener this year! I’m sure everyone out there can agree that enough is enough, bring on the warm temps! As always I look forward to seeing all the old faces and hopefully many new ones as well this year. High number fish days are just around the corner and “It Won’t Be Long Now”! Plenty more reports will soon follow.