Hicham was back with me again and he brought along some new blood. Terrick was being initiated into fall fishing, or should I say winter fishing! We spent the entire day in a blizzard that had little to no visibility. Amazingly though, there were no other boats around. I guess the trick is to fish on the shittiest days if you don’t want to be followed! We were finally able to cover the water the way it should be and monopolized on each & every place we hit. Hicham was on fire today as he stabbed many quality bass and walleye. His friend took a little longer to get orientated, but eventually held his own too. The snow was falling so hard at times that it blanketed the entire boat white. I informed them not to move quickly and really pay attention, as the floor was nicely glazed. We didn’t need any accidents today! We quit a little earlier today as the conditions wouldn’t be nice for the drive home. On our last spot though, Terrick landed a really nice northern before we called it a day. The weather may have been miserable but the fishing more than made up for it today. It did make for really nice pics too!!