Today I had the pleasure of fishing with an old client for the day. Tony brought along a father & son to experience what our waters have to offer as well. Jean & Elliot were definitely in for an interesting day! The conditions were perfect to tackle the big fish first so we wasted no time getting the lines in once we arrived. Elliot was into his first sturgeon almost immediately and with a little coaching, fought it like a champ. This thing was almost as long as he was and definitely spun a few heads when it finally appeared. His dad had to give him a hand for the pics, but he had fought it all on his own. He also managed to get two more sturgeon before the others even hooked anything. He was on fire today and loving every minute of it! When his father finally had to fight one of his own, he couldn’t believe how strong they actually were. He tired quickly and didn’t know how his son was able to handle three back to back. His fish finally made it to the net and now it was his turn to hold it for the pics. Not an easy task after you’ve exerted all your strength during the battle! Eventually Tony hooked his and after another lengthy battle he too was able to bring the beast to net. They had all caught big fish and were ready for a change. We shifted to another section of the lake after the winds picked up and targeted walleye. They were hoping to take a few home and I knew just the place. Although it was quite rough where I wanted to drift, they did manage alright. It wasn’t going to be easy to detect the subtle takes from these fish and big rollers wouldn’t help either. I saw a few hits on their lines that weren’t connected with before Tony finally locked up. It was the right species and I wanted to get it in the boat! Lucky for us but unlucky for the fish, it made it into the livewell. In the next hour or so several more misses were seen and Tony landed three more to add to the total. The waves were pretty big so we called it a little early. They had caught some really nice fish today and were taking a few home with them as well. Elliot was the champ today as he had boated more than his own body weight. I’m sure everyone at his school will be hearing about his fish from today. I know that his dad had sent multiple pics of his catches throughout the day and the responses were unbelievable. I guess it’s fair to say that everyone had a good time as these fish well surpassed all their expectations. Another great day for fishing!!