Leonard was with me today along his grandson Erin and Joel his father came along too. A later start than usual of 9:00 had us wasting no time getting the lines wet. We began drop shotting an area that had been very productive over the last couple of weeks. Today however it was a little slower, with only a few smallmouth landed. We were actually looking for walleye but found them smaller than normal. In fact, the entire morning was slow with nothing to show in the livewell for our efforts! I realized with fishing this difficult that trolling was our only option and readied everything, in hopes of better results. Once the lines were set, it didn’t take long before reels started to fire and the remainder of the day saw plenty of action. Walleye, pike and bass came aboard of all sizes and everyone was getting their share. In fact, they had no problem taking a limit of walleye home for a family dinner. As I was the one filleting their catch, I decided to pull the plug just after 4:30. They would be having fresh fish for dinner! Unfortunately no pics were taken by me today but there were many shot by them. A rough start to the day ended with quite a bang when a little adjustment was made. Great back nine as golfers would say!!