Mike & Cory were finally with me today after several attempts at hooking up this season. Work always tends to get in the way! Unfortunately we were going to get wet and once I launched the boat, we wasted no time getting away from the rain upon us. I was able to escape the worst of it, or so I thought, when I stopped on our first spot. With rain all around us we were fortunate to be in a small pocket where we could get set up. Once the lines were in however, we did get crushed and it wasn’t from the fish. It poured for about 20 minutes but they were at least fishing. I was marking all kinds of fish on the bottom but only an occasional one was taking their offerings. There was a lot of moss floating through the water column and every time they reeled in, it was on their lines. Although they did manage to catch a few bass and even had a double, I wanted to relocate. When the rain finally stopped we made our way back to the ramp to check on Mike’s sun roof. He was pretty sure he had closed it but needed confirmation. It was and we went to a couple of areas nearby, trying our luck at drop shotting once again. Limited success had us not staying long when I saw the same thing all over. Plenty of fish marking but not many takers! I tried several places with similar results after these and they just picked at the fish in each one. Mostly bass were being caught with a few perch and an occasional pike but I still wasn’t satisfied. I decided to see if the sturgeon would cooperate a little better and went to check them out. For well over an hour and a half we tried for them but unfortunately it wasn’t happening there either. I was marking plenty but they just weren’t active as Cory was the only one to have a shot and he missed the take. Mike was more interested in bass fishing, so we decided to devote the remainder of the day targeting them. Soft plastics in the shallows for one and a small crank for the other had both locked up almost immediately. I wasn’t sure if the fish would still be here with all the overcast & waves but received a quick confirmation with their double. This move proved to be the right one and they had better success here for close to two hours. I continued searching different sections around with success in every one. Mike was definitely enjoying the raw strength of these bass in the shallows! Late in the afternoon when the sun finally came out I gave them the option of trolling for walleye, or trying for the dinosaurs once again. We would give the beasts 15 minutes and move on if it wasn’t happening! As luck would have it though, it only took 10 before both of them simultaneously were locked up. Cory’s decided to take to the air and made a spectacular leap in front of us before throwing the hook. I wasn’t too disappointed as Mike was tight to his. This battle lasted quite a while before I tailed the fish and brought it aboard for a few pics. Quickly released, they wanted more and we set the lines in hopes of Cory getting his. Mike wouldn’t have been able to reel in another one after the last battle, so they decided Cory would be up if someone got into one. Guess what, Mike nailed another and it was game on! I don’t think Cory really expected what was going to happen next but he fought the goliath beast like a champ. The battle was lengthy and once we got a glimpse of the fish we knew why. I really need to start bringing a net! He actually brought the fish to the boat five times without being able to have it landed. Each time I tried to grab it, she sounded right back to the bottom and the battle continued. In the end, we had to figure something out as I knew this method wasn’t going to work and Cory was getting exhausted. I finally decided to try one of the nets just to get the head in and grab the other end so as not to allow her to sound again. Well it worked and with everyone’s help, we managed to bring her aboard. To say Cory was a little excited would have been an understatement. He was relieved! As she lay on the floor of the boat they stood there in awe at its sheer mass. I had to put a tape on her and was actually surprised to find out it went over 64 inches. All I know is that she was as fat as she was long and they both had a hard time holding it up for the pics. I shot several quick ones and had them torpedo her back as quickly as possible. The battle had been a long one and I knew she was tired too, but as soon as she hit the water, she bolted away like nothing had even happened. There was no way we were resetting the lines again so we just packed up and headed back. This was the nicest it had been all day with sunshine and very little wind, making the run back a relaxing one. It also gave Mike & Cory time to build up their strength again after battling the creatures from the deep. I don’t think either of them will forget this day anytime soon and they have pics to prove it. I may have to mix these fish into my regular fishing from time to time when conditions allow. Provided of course that the clients can handle all the pain that comes with the battle and today’s crew know that first hand! I guess that’s what they mean when they say, "The Fat Lady has Sung"!