Ben, Gabe & Andre were with me today, in hopes of catching a few fish. We hit the water after 8:30 and immediately went into a troll. Air temps were a little cool but were to rise through the day along with the sunshine. Water temps were barely over 70 degrees and I hoped the fish would bite. As luck would have it, they were rather lethargic causing me to switch up presentations regularly. I tried many different lures and running depths only to come up with just a handful of biters. Although there were walleye, bass & pike caught, I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome and decided to change it up a bit. I headed to the sturgeon area and set up for them. It took a while before our first hookup, but it was well worth the wait. Andre spent a long time battling the beast and was pretty exhausted when I finally slid the net under it. It may not have been a giant, but it was his biggest fish to date and well worthy of several pics before the release. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon trying for another one after they saw the one Andre caught and although we did have chances, it wasn’t meant to be. For the last hour or so we hit another place and tried a little drop shotting for bass & walleye. The wind was the biggest factor as it was blowing 10 to 20 out of the NW and gusting at times. Andre managed to land two more bass and missed a couple of others while Ben & Gabe only missed theirs. By 5:00 we called it a day and headed in. This day may not have been what I was hoping for but everyone was happy with the outcome never the less. Plans are already being talked about for a return trip and I can’t wait to get them back out as well. I know the best is still yet to come!!