After a lengthy four days of successful musky fishing, it was nice to get back to a day of relaxation. Tom & I were headed out to see what the weather had done to the walleye and hoped for good results. With the terrible conditions each day after Monday, the water had gotten worse & worse. The lake had muddied up and the already cool water temps had fallen even more. What was 70 degrees only a week ago was now down to 67! Winds were blowing every day as well, but today they had calmed to less than 10 knots and were from the south west. Perfect conditions to catch Walters! We set the lines and decided to start with a troll to cover some water, in search of our first bite. Well it didn’t take long before I was back to locking the fish up by throttling the engine again. Two clicks from the reel and I knew they were back to their old tricks of barely firing the reel. For most of the morning this was the norm as several decent walleye and a couple of quality bass were boated. Two of the smallmouth were in the 4 pound class and another pushing 5 almost made it to the net. We even landed a couple of good pike with one going almost 10 pounds! By afternoon though, the water was finally beginning to warm and the activity showed. We were now able to hear the reels going off and the fish were acting like they should. Several nice walleye in the slot were landed and a couple of overs were returned. We fished till about 2:00 before we called it quits. I even had to raise the top due to the heat and sunshine and boy was it nice. It had to be close to 20 degrees cooler under the roof, making the scorching temps completely bearable. I can’t believe I waited so long before installing one! In less than 5 hours of fishing there were double digits of each species and nobody got hurt. We left the lake completely satisfied and both looking forward to returning real soon!!