Today was Darren’s first trip of the season and what a way to begin. We met up about 7:30 and hit the water quickly before the crowds arrived. As this was the weekend and the weather was spectacular, I anticipated the ramp to become insane! It was already 70 degrees and sunshine was forecasted throughout the day. Air temps would also get into the 80’s and that would draw the crowds for sure. I decided to set the lines not too far from where we began and soon after we had our first walleye in the boat. Although not a large one, definitely a keeper! Darren wanted to take about three home and this one was the perfect size. We didn’t stay long here and soon ran to another area much further away, after catching only one. I hadn’t fished it this season and had an idea it was going to be loaded. Water levels were so high that I found myself trolling inside my waypoints & icons to get bit. Here we had a mix of pike & walleye and once I found the key area, it was game on! The pike were looking real healthy from their spawn and getting quite thick. The walleye ranged from 3 to 5 plus pounds and were also looking great. After things slowed, I decided to give another place a try and it too was loaded. Once gain Darren was into fish immediately and it seemed like every three to five minutes at least one reel would fire. Many times too, both would go off simultaneously! Although I was targeting walleye, it was nice to see so many good sized pike in the mix. We remained here for quite a while as the fish just wanted to eat. Never leave fish to find fish! By now Darren had his three walleye in the livewell and although we could have legally harvested a dozen, the rest were released to fight another day. By mid afternoon I was beginning to have to work much harder to get the bites and decided to relocate once again. I tried a couple of reefs to see if we could drum up a few more fish before we called it a day. After getting a couple more of each species, we pulled the lines and headed back. Boat traffic was at its peak and waves were from every direction despite no wind. Dog pecker knats and caddis flies were also in full force making sitting next to impossible. His appetite to fish was definitely satiated today, with high numbers of quality fish. Today was really, "A great Day For Fishing"!!