Rick & Dan were back once again for their annual fishing trip, but this time Dave didn’t accompany them. Instead, Dan junior was here with his uncle and dad and looking forward to battling a few fish. I hooked up with them before 8 o’clock and immediately hit the water. After yesterday’s outing, I knew exactly where I wanted to start and it wasn’t long before all four rods were set. The weather was a little cool this morning but temps were suppose to rise into the mid 70’s by afternoon. Water temps were down again and were now barely over 60 degrees. The winds were out of the NW but not suppose to get any stronger than 10 knots and very fishable. I knew with the overcast skies and colder water temps that the fish would be a little lethargic. In fact I was marking them but they weren’t moving on the lures! I really had to slow down and eventually one of the reels made a few clicking sounds signifying a fish was there. I immediately hit the gas to lock it up and Rick had the first official walleye of the day. This fish barely made a sound and would have probably gotten off had I not done what I did. The next reel to go off was Juniors and he was soon reeling in a northern pike of just a few pounds. A little later he had a good rip and was tight to a big fish this time. When I finally saw the fish I realized that it was a walleye and went for the larger net. These fish weren’t fighting at all and just swam to the boat with barely a head shake. Once in the net we saw just how big she was and had to weigh her due to their side bets. They had one for first fish, biggest fish and overall most fish. This 6 pounder was a definite contender! After a couple of quick pics she went right back to the water. We too went right back to trolling and junior had another fish rip the reel once again. This time I netted a smaller walleye that was in the slot and it joined the earlier one in the well. In just a few brief minutes, junior had taken two of the three categories in their bet! I had worked pretty hard for the few fish they had caught and decided to leave for hopefully greener pastures! We fished our next area for almost 30 minutes marking plenty of fish but without a touch. Time to relocate again and this time it was quick. Within a few minutes, junior had a good rip but wasn’t quick enough with the rod holder & it was gone! By now Dan was beginning to wonder why his lines weren’t firing and then he got one to go. They had picked rods in the morning and Dan was left with the third pick. He would have to settle for the long, high lines and didn’t have a choice. This time however, I was in shallow water and he finally had the advantage. Another walleye came aboard and joined his friends in the livewell. We had a bunch more action here but unfortunately they were all pike afterwards. Time to leave again and now I made a long run to hopefully warmer water and more aggressive fish. This next place proved to be a little better with plenty of action. Mostly pike were being caught but Dan did get a really nice walleye that took out his son Junior. His went 7 pounds on the scale and was 1 pound larger than the previous one to beat. Sometime mid afternoon I decided to change up the rod spread and hooked them all up with spinning rods so they could actually be in control. Well it took a little while before we got back on the fish but eventually they started hooking up. Dan & Rick were machines for a while with Junior literally taking a back seat to their success. In fact Junior never caught another fish for the remainder of the day while they just pounded on them! We even changed locations and hit another walleye spot before calling it a day and the same thing happened there. Being in the middle has its downfalls as the outer rods have a larger fishing area. Dan & Rick did manage to land another 6 or 8 walleye in the remainder of the time we fished and Junior just watched. We pulled the boat out and called it a day just after 4 o’clock. I had a bunch of fish to clean as everyone was having fish for dinner. Despite a slower than expected start, the outcome was pretty good. Once the sun came out and the water warmed up, the fish started to bite. We’ll be back out again tomorrow and I think Junior will be looking for an end seat, so to speak. There will be no more middle spot for him again! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next!!