With no bookings scheduled for today, Christiane & I decided to hit the lake for a little fishing. No rush to get out as the best fishing had been once the water warmed anyway! We decided to drop in around 10:30 and hopefully the ramp wouldn’t be too busy. I needed several walleye for dinner tonight and as everyone knows, I don’t eat frozen fish! Well, it doesn’t really get any easier than this when a limit was swimming in the livewell in under 30 minutes. I could have caught plenty more but chose to pull the lines and leave this area when the third boat moved in on us. They had seen several fish netted and wanted theirs as well. No problem as they had no clue what they were doing anyway. I wasn’t about to educate them either and decided to go somewhere else for bigger fish. We had what we had come for and now it was time to play! With many, many boats on the water, I was forced to be looking over my shoulder at all times while fishing. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened earlier! Once positioned in the right areas and presenting the proper baits, it was game on. First reel to fire had quality in the 5 pound range and all gold. A few quick pics and back she went awaiting the next bite! Soon after Christiane was into the biggest one of the day and after a lengthy battle from the depths, a walleye of 7.5 pounds lay in the net. This one was definitely photo worthy and would make for some great pics! It was nice to see her swim off so perfectly afterwards and I was glad we were the ones that caught her. Despite the slot limit here in the province, I’ve seen many people keeping anything they catch. It’s a shame that rules only apply to some people and others just abuse them! After the release we went back to covering water and catching plenty more fish in the process. Bass, pike, perch and walleye fell victim to the lures and the action was great. We decided to call it quits shortly after 3:00 and pulled the lines for the day. In a few short hours there were many fish landed and we were quite satisfied with the results. Weekend traffic is always heavier and today was no exception. Although a light SW wind under 10 knots was present, there were waves from all directions. So many boats out that I felt like I was running an obstacle course on my way back! I was lucky at the docks though and was on the trailer in just a couple of minutes. We pulled out of the ramp and headed on our way as I had fish to clean and dinner to prep. This would be the perfect end to an excellent day of fishing and nobody got hurt!!