Annabelle was with me this morning for her first encounter into the warm water fishing world. Although she had caught trout out west, she never expected what was about to happen today. Her grandfather Keith joined us as well, but today was all about her! Keith & I grew up together and had shared many interesting experiences over several decades of fishing. I was sure, today would be another! By the time we set the lines it was late morning and the water had warmed slightly. I knew the fish would bite! The first reel to go off was one of the targeted species and Annabelle had her very first walleye. With a little coaching, she was able to bring the fish to net and immediately after, the live well. We were planning on having fish for dinner and she was excited about eating her catch. The next reel to scream turned out to be a much larger fish and Keith reeled in a northern of almost 8 pounds. Annabelle would have her fill as well with several more pike soon after. By now she was quite comfortable bringing in the fish and we decided to let her hold the rod while trolling. Soon after she felt what it was like to get hit and started screaming just like the reels. A good sized smallmouth bass took her lure and she had to use all her strength just to bring this fish to net. Now she had 3 different species of freshwater game fish and her very first slam. To say she was excited would have been an understatement. She was a fishing machine and wanting more. This is exactly what she got as fish after fish cooperated for her today. There was also a huge caddis fly hatch going on and I think it somehow got the fish activated. Although a real pain to be out in, it didn’t matter as she was hammering everything that swam. We slowly brought up the walleye catch for our dinner and she even landed a couple of rather large ones too. In fact, one of them was over 7 pounds and giant in comparison to her. This thing was a tank when held up next to her and made for a great picture. When she landed her next over of 5 pounds, she opted for no photo as she said, "I already have a shot of an even bigger one!" Seven going on seventeen! Many more fish were caught after this and she eventually managed to put 6 walleye in the livewell for our dinner tonight. By 4:15 or so and after she landed another walleye, we called it a day. Her attention span was amazing and the fish were responsible for keeping her interested. Not too many 7 year olds would be this pumped to be doing what she had done today. We had fished for over 5 hours and she would have stayed even longer had we chosen to do so. Who could ask for anything more! To be eating her catch would be the icing on the cake and she thoroughly enjoyed Cajun walleye on the BBQ. Even her mother loved it and she never eats fish! A perfect ending to a perfect day!!