Ron and Pablo were with me this morning and hoping for great action. They weren’t sure if the day would even happen as weather forecasts called for big winds. Fortunately that was yesterdays report and today it was a little lighter. We still had a 10 to 20 knot blow from the W and waves in the 2 to 3 foot range though! This made boat control difficult at times and staying on my icons somewhat challenging. We hit the water at 8:30 and it didn’t take long before Pablo was into a fish. He had contacted a northern and was happy to have gotten the first one. Although not that large, it was a start. Ron hit the next one and this time he was battling a nice 3 pound walleye in the big waves. After resetting the lines, Ron hooked into another heavy fish. I figured pike again and in these rollers it felt a whole lot bigger. They didn’t care what they were catching as long as they were locked up. I had placed only one rod in the holder as they wanted to hold the other two and feel the strikes. Line counters were what we started with but after an equipment malfunction, I switched them to spinning rods. Obviously it didn’t matter as they still continued to land fish. Pike & walleye were being caught every few minutes as long as I stayed on the mark. Water temps were still a little cool for this time of year and holding around 60 degrees. Air temps were mid 60’s but felt colder with the strong winds. A lack of sunshine had the fish pinned to the bottom and making contact was the only way for us to get bit. We were scheduled for a half day of fishing and held out until 1:00 before heading in. Fortunately not before Pablo landed his biggest pike of 8 pounds and Ron a rather large walleye. In just a little over 4 hours they had battled plenty of fish and had a great time doing it too. Considering the previous weather forecast, they were quite happy with the outcome! I’m sure they’ll be back for more, sometime soon!!