With only one trip for salmon so far this season, I really can’t wait to get back. Christiane & I headed to Lake Champlain for about 5 hours of fishing and managed to land 8 out of a possible 14. They were really biting light. Hopefully another trip soon! I switched it up today and hit a local lake with James & Mike for a mix of fish. Trolling was going to be the method as the weather wasn’t pretty. We had winds from the SW blowing 10 to 20 knots with even stronger gusts! I immediately headed back to where I had landed a 9 pound walleye only three days earlier and found the area to be full of floating debris. It also had lost 6 degrees in water temp and I knew this wasn’t good. The rain & wind had really destroyed the water for two days straight and I was paying the price this morning. Although we did manage to get into a small pike in less than 5 minutes, I wasn’t satisfied. With these water temps in the 54 degree range I knew I had to find a warmer area and tried another spot further away. It wasn’t much better but at least the reels were firing and fish were being landed. Mike hadn’t fished before but was enjoying his first time with plenty of pike catching. The entire morning was spent searching and trying to stay clear of floating debris. Although we were into fish pretty much everywhere, it was still a challenge. Late in the afternoon I tried a couple of areas further away again and it was here that I found a better bite. Water clarity was garbage but the temps were near 58 degrees and the best so far today. With rods in hand they landed many more walleye, pike and occasional bass from this weed flat. Ironically, all the fish had found the same patch of warm water and utilized it to feed. We remained here for the balance of the day and left them biting! A final double header was our cue to depart and they left on a high. With conditions changing daily, it will be constant adjustment both with presentation and location. I enjoy a good challenge and look forward to the next outing. Overall a pretty good day on the lake and both James & Mike can’t wait to do it again!!