Today I had the pleasure of three generations in the boat with me. Marvin, Mitch & his son Ben were looking forward to spending the day together and hopefully catching a few fish as well. The chilly morning air greeted us as we headed to our first location, setting the lines for a walleye troll. Lately I had been getting big fish each day and I was confident the reels would fire. Water temps were on a steady drop with the morning showing barely 63 degrees. We even had a nice light chop to move most of the floaters away! The last few days had seen giant piles of vegetation in most of the areas I trolled, making my work constant. I literally had to go from one rod to the next in rotation to ensure they were clean and then start all over again! This would be a pleasure as I could keep the lines in the water for much longer without attending to them. I had decided to troll into the zone producing while searching for additional fish nearby. When we neared the sweet spot, the first reel went off and it was game on. Too bad it turned out to be a pike but at least we weren’t skunked! Not long after, another one fired and although the right species, too small and immediately released. When the next one hit however, the line went out enough for me to realize it was big and I cleared the second line just in case. While I was attending to the rod, the third one started screaming and we had our first double. Mitch was into one of those 5 pounders but I wasn’t sure what his father had. I decided to clear the last rod and went into neutral. Once along side the boat I saw Mitch’s was barely hooked. Without applying too much pressure, he maneuvered it close enough for me to slide the net under and the hook popped out. These fish weren’t crushing the baits this morning and we were getting lucky landing them. I always have two nets on board and immediately grabbed the other for Marvin’s fish. As luck would have it, a 7 pound northern was attached to the lure and he definitely had the bait. All three hooks were imbedded in his mouth and I knew he meant business! Some quick pics before the releases and back to trolling we went. In the next hour we managed to put 4 walleye in the livewell for their dinner and released a few more under sized ones too. The fishing wasn’t fast & furious, so I thought we’d change it up a bit and try casting for some bass nearby. Mitchell had the hot hand here as he tangled with three decent ones on a stick bait. Too bad it was all that wanted to eat as the others never had a sniff! Off to another spot and this time we were to drop shot for some deeper bass. Once they were instructed on the technique, it was time to get serious. They both had their chances and hooked up several times, but didn’t put too many in the boat. As luck would have it, most of them came unpinned before we could bring the fish aboard. I was surprised to see that they weren’t getting many fish as I was marking all kinds of them on the sonar, drifting through. We eventually gave up here and tried our hand at trolling lunge for the remainder of the day. This was equally as rewarding and eventually put everyone to sleep! Fortunately, I did stay awake to control the boat! Sometime around 3:30 we pulled the plug and called it a day. Regardless of how slow the fishing was, they all had a great time. They were also taking a few fish home for dinner and really looking forward to their “Catch of the Day”!!