Mike & Corey joined me this morning for one of the first road trips this fall. By 8:30 we were launching and praying for another tremendous day of bass fishing. Too bad though, as the conditions were too perfect & we paid for it in spades! Flat calm, mirror like water had everyone thinking the same thing and I believe another tournament was going on. Boats were buzzing like bees the entire time we were on the lake! With the bright skies, warm air temps and heavy traffic, it wasn’t a wonder that the bass were spooky. We slid over some areas where we could actually see them and they just bolted away. Even long casts weren’t working well as short strikes and pushes were the norm. Mike did however connect with a beauty for the second fish of the morning when he set into a fish over 5 pounds. I know that if we remained here and refined the area like I usually do that there would have been even more. Only problem was that there were so many boats near us that they just kept coming closer & closer. I guess it’s alright to fish on top of each other when you’re competitive and money is on the line! I got so fed up that I decided to just move all together and head elsewhere. This time we completely changed it up and went drop shotting in the depths a few miles away. It didn’t take long when we sent the lines down to actually connect with some fish. Ironically, they kept getting off on the way up. Both Mike & Corey weren’t too familiar with the deep water technique and were missing more than they were landing. I had to get a line in to see what was going on and managed to land 3 fish in about 15 minutes, but also lost a few others too. Mike brought a couple to the boat as well and things were looking up for another drift as now I knew the bass were there. All of a sudden, I saw other boats at the beginning of our drift and things just changed. A couple of boats had run by and punched waypoints in as they passed us. I had seen just about enough and relocated to another area in hopes of solitude. Unfortunately that was not to be as each & every place I wanted to fish had boats so close that I would just be donating key areas for free. By 1:00 I made a judgment call and pulled the plug all together! It wasn’t fair to Mike & Corey and I wanted them into fish. We drove all the way back to where we had began opting for another lake. Despite all the traffic on this water, at least I wouldn’t have to contend with all the spot suckers! We ran to one of the areas that had been producing decent walleye lately and it didn’t take long before they were both locked up. By drop shotting over schooling fish, they were able to land several good fish in a short time. As the sun started to drop lower late in the afternoon, the fishing got even better. The walleye went on the feed and both Mike & Corey were continually locking up. They even managed a few good smallies in the mix too! With such a nice day upon us, I extended it until almost 6:00 before we called it quits. We had lost a few hours travelling to the other lake this morning and I wanted them to enjoy the day completely. In golfer’s terms, “the back nine was best”! I was able to salvage the day with a major adjustment and alleviate all the pain & suffering from the morning. I know this won’t be the last time I’ll encounter bass boats like today but by picking the shittiest weather possible, I’ll at least be able to fish. Tough day but we made it work!!