This morning saw us fishing local again, under even more adverse conditions. The first day was beautiful, the second one howled & the third one had a cold front and terrible winds once more. Some people think I have the best job! We dropped the boat in shortly after 7:30 and tried our hand at trolling for muskie. Winds & waves were pretty good looking for them and I really thought we had a good shot at scoring. Although I did mark a few that resembled the hateful one, it wasn’t to be. By 10:00, we were done with this and relocated to an area in hopes of some smallies. I headed through 3 footers in order to get to where I wanted and drifted over a series of rock piles hoping for better results. As if on cue, Marie locked up as soon as we neared the first one and killed the skunk! She had managed to draw first blood each day, so why would today be any different! I really thought we were getting ready to hammer them but with the winds blowing so strong, we drifted through quicker than expected. I needed to have them both throwing with the wind, so boat control was limited. As long as I slowed the drift, they could make multiple casts to the best locations. After Marie landed a few bass, Jim hooked up as well but not what we expected. Ironically, he had nailed a nice walleye of 22 inches from the same area. With low cloud cover and cold front conditions, they had come in shallower and taken up residence on the same spot. This fish looked beautiful with a really golden color, giving the Quebec name “Dore” its significance! After a couple of pics, she was returned to grow even more. With the winds not getting any better, we continued our drift in hopes of more action. Although we didn’t get the numbers, the fish were good size and most eager to eat. When I had covered all the zones I wanted, I picked up and returned to the better areas once again. Both Jim & Marie hooked a few more and when we neared the spot that Jim had hooked the walleye, he connected with another. This one was slightly bigger and looked just as nice as the first one. As always, the second pass is never as good as the first and I realized this quickly. With not too many places to fish in this big howl, I thought I’d try another slightly calmer one further away. When we pulled in, it wasn’t too bad but it didn’t take long before the winds increased. Along with this, came heavy rain adding to the misery. Now I really didn’t have much control as nobody wanted to face the rain. All we could do was roll with it and try to stay on the fish. They did manage to get a few more but the waves just kept getting bigger with the rains. We felt like a cork on a pond in this and were out of the zone quickly. There was no way I was going back for another pass either, as I would have swamped the boat trying to get there. Talk of calling it a day was in the boat but I had one more trick up my sleeve. I had them toss the lures out and we drifted like a troll over the area, aiming for a few waypoints nearby. It may have been difficult to keep the lines clean but Marie did manage to land another walleye out here. Once the heavy rains let up, we decided to call it quits. Although still blowing, we headed back to the ramp and ended this torture. They had a mix of conditions in the three days of fishing and overcame all of them. The only plus in this was that we never saw another boat on the lake today. I guess I will have to fish on the worst possible days from now on!!