This was the first of three days that Jim & Marie were fishing with me and it was picture perfect. I had gone out yesterday scouting new areas for them and found several good places to fish. With weather so inconsistent the fish were shifting frequently and I needed a back up! After picking them up at the motel we headed directly to water, wasting no time getting started. It was to be a day of no wind, bright sunshine and temps into the upper 80’s. Even the water warmed up and rose to almost 67 degrees in this heat wave! Marie drew first blood as always and I wasn’t surprised. What I was surprised about though, was the overall size. I hadn’t seen small fish in this area all season and it wasn’t over. She nailed another one of equal size on her very next cast! I didn’t want to waste too much time here so I moved quickly over the flat. After a couple more small fish, it was time to relocate. I also decided that we were to go deeper and set up the drop shot rigs. Multiple drifts over mid lake humps produced several other fish, but once again not the caliber I was looking for. Eventually we tried a deep breakline and finally found some better ones. Marie had managed to get a couple on a spinnerbait and Jim landed a good one on the deep side, on a drop shot. A couple of other areas had seen double headers, some walleye and even a sturgeon for Marie. We really covered water just looking for the mother load! We jumped around plenty and they caught everywhere we stopped. One of the last places finally produced the best fish for Marie and ironically it was also on a blade. By days end, she was up on Jim by a couple of fish. Nothing that couldn’t be changed tomorrow! I definitely believe that the weather was way too nice for us today and the fish really didn’t cooperate like I expected. We’ll have to change it up tomorrow in order to turn it all around. Possibly fishing another body of water as well!!