Davide was with me today, along with his brother and their dad. They were looking for a good day of fishing with a variety of species but the emphasis was to be on walleye. We began shortly after 7:30 and started our troll. As with most days, you never know what to expect and today was no different. With a lack of wind this morning, the fish didn’t seem too active. The reels weren’t going off like I had hoped and moving around to locate a school was definitely necessary. Eventually I found some aggressive fish and it was game on! Although tightly grouped, I managed to troll through them enough times to put a few in the boat. In fact, there were a couple of real good ones in the 5 to 6 pound range in the mix. Always makes for nice pics! With the flat water, of course came the pesky little bugs and there were plenty. I was praying for a wind and as if on cue, I saw it coming. When it finally reached us it was welcomed, as the bite went wild and the bugs went away. We were already on fish and now they were really feeding from the chop. I just kept moving through the tight area I had, picking at them quite regularly. As long as we had wind, I was confident that we would get bit. I hoped that it wouldn’t die off and put us back in “Dog Pecker Knat” hell. We were really fortunate for several hours though, as the fish just kept coming aboard. I think we managed around 6 or 8 overs right up to 25 inches along with many, many keepers. To be honest, I don’t think there was more than one or two that were under! It was a phenomenal bite and they were blessed with all the action, not to mention larger than usual sized walleye. We definitely had quality fish both in the well and released. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and this was one of them. The winds went away, the bite went away and the bugs returned. For the remainder of the afternoon, we picked at them but not like previously. Although they did manage to put several more, including a couple of bigguns in the boat, it was a tough bite. We eventually called it around 3:30 as they had traffic to contend with and fish to clean. I don’t think they had imagined that there would be so many fish caught today, let alone the overall size. People travel all over to get less action and this is right in their backyard! We have such a tremendous fishery all around that it makes my work simple some days. This was without a doubt one of those days as everyone experienced what our waters have to offer. Hopefully they’ll be back soon to experience it all over again!!