Russell & his son Thomas were with me this morning, looking for a day of lunge fishing. Thomas had caught a few on his own up north and wanted more! We would begin by trolling for them in overcast skies and hope for the best. They were aware that these were hateful creatures and there were no guarantees that they would cooperate! We spent a total of four hours in broken periods without even as much as a rip. Gotta love washing lures! The only thing we had to show for our efforts was a 6 pound northern that hit a bait, trolled at 5 miles an hour. We did however get into some decent smallies both in the shallows as well as deep drop shotting. The lake was like a mirror but fortunately there was no sunshine and the temps were almost comfortable. Late in the afternoon after the pike, we switched up completely and spent a little time trolling for walleye. This was a welcomed treat as the reels fired often in the short time we fished. They were able to get a few fish to take home and landed several others in the process. Just before we were ready to call it a day, another reel went off and it didn’t stop. I wasn’t positive but had thoughts of what it was. I decided to clear the other lines just in case and we just waited. We had trolled for these hateful things for over half the day and Thomas was locked up on one with the lighter tackle. Go figure! He had the fish on for a few minutes and I actually thought it was going alright when it made a last run and came unpinned. I had only caught a glimpse of it in the water but it was definitely a good muskie. Like I said before, hateful! We licked our wounds and decided to call it quits. It was definitely not going to happen today and throwing in the towel seemed like the best thing to do. They were however taking home a few fish for dinner if that was any consolation. By losing this fish, Thomas only wanted more and the fever will continue until the next time he hooks one. More, more, more, bigger, bigger, bigger is the saying and the disease never goes away! Good luck to him on his next endeavor for the most hateful creatures on the planet!!