Darren was looking for a few big bass today and I knew just the place. We took a road trip to another lake in hopes of some action in deep water. I had the ministry out just a week ago and knew we would get into a similar bite from the abyss! The conditions were almost perfect with a light SW wind of around 5 knots and sunshine scheduled for the day. Boat traffic should be light, I thought, with this being a Monday. Unfortunately we both forgot that a holiday for most of the country was taking place and it felt like the weekend traffic was back! We started in an area with some sign of life and it didn’t take long before Darren was locked up. Although not the size we expected, 3.5 pounds was still nice to see! Immediately after the release, he was tight lined again and another fish slightly smaller was brought to the net. I needed to gain boat control and also had a line down just to judge the drift but wasn’t fending as well. I was zero for two so far before I finally locked up on a beauty. Somewhere along the way up, this one too came unpinned and the zero was back. I did however redeem myself on the next drop with a healthy 4 ponder and the skunk was off of my back! We made several attempts at finding the biggest fish in the area and managed to get into a bunch of fish along the way. The numbers were there but not the caliber that I was hoping for and then it happened. A double header and both bruisers! I got the first one to the net but when Darren’s fish decided to take to the air, it got off. Wow, that could have been ten pounds of smallies instantly! Fortunately he also redeemed himself almost immediately with one pushing 5 on the next drop and all was forgotten. We both missed our share of quality bass and landed a few, but the better ones were hard to keep on this morning. We decided to try another area considerably shallower with a different presentation. For the next couple of hours, we attempted to catch fish from different places on a variety of lures and soft plastics. The results were much smaller bass and not any numbers either. Knowing that our best chances were in the depths, we pulled the plug here and relocated to slightly similar spots as the morning. Apparently it was the right decision as immediate hookups were had. Fish of all sizes were being taken now and after catching a bunch of medium sized smallies, a big one or two was taken. This lasted until the end of the day with a lot of water being covered. Every time we had a rise from the bottom, some action was had. Although we didn’t see high numbers today, we were definitely into quality bass from the places we fished. Despite all the traffic on the lake, the day ended with satisfaction all around. By concentrating deep we were able to get the big bites while fishing over the non pressured bass. A quality day all around!!