Sammy was back again today and brought his father in law & brother in law along for the trip. We met up just around 9:00 and proceeded to the first spot immediately after. Drop shotting in deep water was first on the list and it didn’t disappoint! With a light breeze from the SW, we were able to drift perfectly and several good fish were caught up to 4 pounds. I made a few adjustments each time we set up and covered all the usual lines trying to locate the real bigguns. After a couple of hours of this we once again switched gears and moved shallow to cast. As usual, plenty of fish were caught but only a few larger ones were boated. Most were 2 to 3 pounds at best and I kept searching for bigger. Sunshine warmed the shallow water causing more fish to move in and the activity increased. All three were hooking up regularly as the fish were biting great. What could be better? Another relocation by mid afternoon saw us back in the deep and bigger bass were once again caught. Although there weren’t as many as the shallows, they were quality bites. We tried a few more drifts in much deeper water before finally pulling the plug here. Off to a shallow area nearby once again and a few larger ones were seen and a couple caught. I had one more trick up my sleeve and saved the best for last. We pulled into a tiny isolated spot in the middle of nowhere where Sam locked up on the largest ones of the day. The first bass he nailed was mid four and there were several others with him. Unfortunately his fellow fishermen weren’t able to get their lines in quick enough and the fish lost interest. No problem, I knew where they went! After taking a few pics I repositioned the boat again and it didn’t take long before the next big fish was locked up again by Sammy. He was on fire and the fish were cooperating! We finished up here with a few more bass hooked, lost and some landed before pulling out all together. The day was filled with a lot of action both shallow & deep and everyone had landed their share of fish. We also finished on a high note as a couple of the largest fish of the day were taken. As with all bass fishing, they were returned to fight another day! What a great day for fishing!!