Jason had contacted me a few days earlier to take him and his two kids, Noah & Jordan out fishing. We were scheduled for today and met up about 7:30 for a day on the water. Bass was what we were after and drop shotting was what we were going to do. It was a little bumpy getting to where we wanted but once there, it was fishable. I instructed everyone on what to do and they dropped down. It took a while before the first fish actually was landed but there were many lost & missed prior. The conditions weren’t exactly perfect and feeling the bottom and any hits was the reason why. With each run back up the waves got bigger and the drifts became harder to keep vertical. With these winds, casting the shallows wasn’t even an option and I knew it well. Although I did try to get something going mid lake, it was just too difficult for them to do anything. By mid day the waves were easily threes and some even bigger. The W/SW direction practically took me out but I was determined to make something work. Trolling wouldn’t be easy but it was our only option now as threes became fours in no time. The closer we got back to the ramp the bigger they got. I set the lines and had to go with the waves for the troll. Even in neutral, I was doing 2.5 to 3 knots. The only consolation was that the fish didn’t care. The walleye were crushing the baits and fish were getting caught. Finally, something working! Unfortunately we were going to have to cut the day short as Jordan was looking a little green. She was up front and watching the rollers as we trolled with the waves. It actually felt more like Lake Ontario than the lake we were on! One more fish and we pulled the plug on this day. I secured everything and carefully tried surfing the crests and valleys towards the ramp. Let’s just say that these were less than perfect for a couple of youngsters to be out in. Thankfully we made it back with only a few splashes in the process. She was definitely happy to get her feet back on solid ground. When I looked back out in the waves I realized just how big they actually were. Most were threes & fours with an occasional rogue over 5 feet just for fun. On our way in we actually passed three guys in a smaller boat heading out without a cowling on their motor. I informed them that they were insane but they just laughed. Hopefully we won’t hear about them on the evening news! Despite all that Mother Nature threw at us, we still managed to overcome. I took the fish back with me for a later pickup and Jason was glad. I would fillet them and ready their “Catch of the Day” for dinner tonight. Who could ask for anything more? They would be having fish for dinner!!