Max & Denis were back with me today and this time they brought a new guy. Skip had heard the stories before and just needed to experience it for himself. We hooked up around 7:00 and proceeded to the boat ramp for a quick start. First up was a troll for some eyes and food for the table! I set the lines and we landed several decent fish and a few larger ones in the first couple of hours. The bite was slow with a lack of wind and I decided to switch to bass in hopes of more activity. Sunshine was out, flat water was upon us and the “Dog Pecker Knats” added to the torture! We drop shotted for a while and they managed to get into fish of various sizes in the deeper water. Several attempts at locating bigger ones fell short and we moved to the shallows instead. They caught a pile of medium sized ones with a couple of big ones as well. Another shift and finally a few good ones were seen. No real giants but quality 3 to 4 pounds was welcomed. I wanted to try deep again late in the afternoon and we gave it a college try. A few more fish were added to the overall total and after a double, we pulled the plug. Off to try for walleye again and hopefully now that the wind was up, the fish would cooperate. As if on command, the reels began to fire and a few more fish were brought to net. I think they managed to put about four or five more walleye in the boat along with a few northerns and bass. After about an hour or so, the wind & bite died and we called it a day. Although it wasn’t one full of numbers, it was still a very productive one with loads of laughs. They were also taking several walleye home with them and happy to be doing so. For Skip’s first time out, he thought it was fantastic. I can’t wait till the next time when hopefully I can show him what fantastic is! For me it was just an average day but great company made it even better!!