After a couple of postponements this season, Hughes was finally out with me today. He brought his son Olivier and his girlfriend Stephanie as well, for some smallmouth bass fishing. Winds were light for the start and air temps were hot & humid. We began on a flat, throwing a mix of baits and hooked up almost immediately. Hughes tossed a spinnerbait for aggressive biters and was rewarded with several violent hits. Both Olivier & Stephanie tossed soft plastics and unfortunately missed several fish before finally connecting with a few of their own. Stephanie wasn’t too familiar with fishing but after a little coaching she was able to hook into some decent fish too. We fished a series of places, both shallow and deep but managed to get more bites shallow. Boat traffic was usual for the weekend with people running all over, without any idea of what was below. We even saw a big “Scarab” run through water as shallow as 3 feet & covered with a hard rock bottom. Still don’t know how he didn’t hit! To make matters worse, he ran back through the same area about 20 minutes later and never touched a rock again. I think he should buy a lotto ticket! Later on in the day, the skies darkened and the winds picked up considerably causing us to make a dash for the boat ramp. After checking the radar I realized that we were going to get hit before 2:00 and we unanimously called the day. Although it could have been longer, they still managed to get into plenty of bass up to almost 4 pounds. Overall a good day regardless of what “Mother Nature” had to say!!