Stephanie had contacted me earlier in the season, requesting info on fishing with her fiancé. They were from New Brunswick and she wanted to treat him to a day while they were here on vacation. Today they would experience smallmouth fishing like never before! To date their personal bests might have been 2.5 pounds and I assured them that they would definitely surpass that many times over. We hooked up just around 8:00 and were fishing soon after. They were about to learn a new technique as drop shotting was on the menu. I sent the first line down, instructed them on how to fish with the rig and within 3 minutes, Stephanie was locked up. It may not have been a giant to me but a three pounder was still her biggest bass and required a quick pic. From this point on, things were looking up as they were about to have plenty of action for the remainder of the day. Both of them caught on quickly and were hooking up regularly with fish over 4 pounds. A few doubles were had as well and they were having a blast. I don’t think they expected action like this let alone the size caliber they were experiencing. When people start complaining that their wrists and arms are sore, it’s been a great day! They even had a side bet going for the smallest fish that had the winner being served dinner. Well Stephanie was happy to win this one as any cutting of vegetables tonight would be out of the question. Instead she would be relaxing with a glass of wine on the deck! With very few slow periods throughout the day, they were pretty much into fish constantly. Later in the afternoon they doubled up again and managed to bring two giants aboard for a nice pic. It was like clockwork, whenever I slid over the right areas. Drop it down, lift a couple of times and set the hook! There were many times when they got crushed immediately after it hit the bottom too. As the afternoon was getting on and Stephanie’s arms were beginning to get tired, we decided that one more each would end the day. That took less than 5 minutes and we were on our way! It had started with a bang and ended with an explosion! Both Stephanie & her fiancé had never imagined fishing could be this good. They are going to have a hard time fishing back home after catching as many quality fish as they had today. Something tells me this won’t be the last time I see them. Talk of a return trip is probably already in the making and possibly before next summer. Who knows, I might even see them this fall when the fishing gets good!!