The gang from Monday was back with me this morning but less one body. Nate opted to remain at camp with his mother while Jonathan, Carson & Robert drove in to fish. Due to the traffic getting back on Monday, they decided to fish only a half day, but it would be worthwhile! We weren’t as lucky this morning with the weather as a light rain was falling for the start. Fortunately I had multiple sets of rain gear and they needed all of them! With a shortened day scheduled, we decided to focus our attention on muskie & bass. They had eaten walleye two nights in a row and didn’t need any more! Along with the rain, we had a good wind from the south west as we ventured to the first location to fish. I set the rods and tried trolling for lunge in hopes of a quick bite. There was quite a chill in the air this morning with all the dampness and I thought we could get bit. Somewhere around the 45 minute mark, the wire went off and the reel was screaming. As soon as I yanked it out of the holder, the fish went airborne and threw the hooks. We had all witnessed why they are hated and sought after as four foot of misery waved good bye! Unfortunately we trolled for a while longer without another hit and finally decided to call it quits on the lunge. Off we went for bass, an easier target to catch! A bunch of decent ones were taken along with a few really good ones too. They even got to play with a couple of sturgeon up to about 20 pounds or so. I’m sure that if we could have kept the muskie on long enough, it would have been an excellent day. Instead it turned out to be just great. Plenty of smallies on soft plastics were landed with a few bonus fish thrown in for laughs. Overall, the day ended better than it began as we ran back in sunshine and a light breeze. I trust their drive back was better too!!