Ray & Enzo were with me this morning and they brought along a third person, for a change. Enzo had been teaching his mother to cast just last week and today was her initiation into the fishing world! Winds were blowing from the N at 5 to 10 knots and the air temps suffered because of this. The water color had also gotten slightly stained and I wasn’t sure how the fish would react. We hit the water just after 7:30 and I decided to run to an open water spot. I wasn’t too confident when I got there but thought we’d try nonetheless! Enzo was throwing a spinnerbait to try & locate some fish when his mother locked up on a jig. Isn’t it always the way? She not only had the first fish, but it was a real beauty. It was definitely over four pounds and she had drawn first blood with her very first fish ever! Although there must have been others in the area, we were unable to get another one and decided to move on. The winds were terrible for boat control here and I hoped we would be able to fish it again later in the day. Our next spot produced a few more fish, but none the likes of Muriel’s, earlier. We were also plagued with wind in this area and the overcast skies weren’t any help either. Time to relocate again and off to the deep water drop shot bite! With winds opposite the current, it wasn’t easy to make a proper drift but we managed to get a few fish regardless. I couldn’t get into the big ones so we wasted no time relocating when the sun began to shine. Off to some shallow water and hopefully a little more activity. Well it didn’t take long before we had our answer when everyone began hooking up on soft plastics. Enzo & Ray were with me in the front and Muriel was all alone in the back, with her rod bent often. They couldn’t believe how well she was doing as a novice but I wasn’t surprised. We found some quality bass in the shallows here and I thought we’d check out a few other areas nearby. Apparently it was a good call because we hit fish in each & every one we fished. Enzo had the hot hand in one and hammered some fish in the four pound range. Ray even managed to land a small sturgeon slightly over 10 pounds in the same place. With the sun shining the air temps climbed and by afternoon we were in much warmer conditions than we had at the start. The winds hadn’t switched but they felt a whole lot warmer now. We pushed on and stayed shallow for the rest of the day, all the while catching bass. Towards the end of the afternoon I decided to try the place we had began in and see if we could get into a few more big ones. Enzo was once again throwing a spinnerbait and getting a few hits on the blade. Unfortunately they weren’t getting hooked and I decided to change him to a jig. Now everyone was throwing a slower presentation and the very next cast, Enzo hammered the hooks to a bruiser. It fought like a champ and ended up bringing a few friends in as well. Unfortunately the others weren’t as lucky and the school disappeared soon after. Enzo had just landed big fish of the day! After a few quick pics he was right back in the game. On almost the very next cast, he was locked again. Another biggun and it too had friends! Although it was difficult to position the boat correctly, there were some fish cooperating and Enzo was in heaven. Ray & Muriel had a few hits of their own and did get some fish but not the likes of the ones Enzo was pounding. As with all good things, they did come to an end. After working the area for a while, the fish caught on and we were no longer getting bit. It was time to wrap it up and call it a day. They had managed to get plenty of bites today and some really good ones too. They had also gotten another person hooked and I think she’ll be coming along in the future as well. Kids and women always make out better than most and I think Ray will have his hands full from now on. He’ll really have to step up his “A” game in the future if he wants to compete with them. All kidding aside, it’s great to see a family enjoy the sport as much as they do and I look forward to having them back out with me again soon!!