Lee had contacted me the day before, hoping to get out with his parents for a half day of fishing. As luck would have it, I was open and we met up around 8:00 this morning, in hopes of their very first fish. They hadn’t fished before and I thought the troll would be the easiest method for everyone. I set the lines and began searching open water, looking for the first bite. It didn’t take long before we were into them as a combination of Walters, pike and smallies attacked our lures. A few of the walleye were over 5 pounds and made for some nice pics. Along with these fish there were also a couple of greedy perch whose appetites were bigger than they were! With a light breeze out of the north, the air temps were quite comfortable this morning and the floating weeds weren’t bad either. I was able to keep the baits relatively clean through most areas allowing us more strikes. In the four hours they were with me they must have caught a total of 20 or more fish and mostly quality as well. For their first time fishing, I think they really enjoyed themselves, catching a variety of species. Seeing as how I had the rest of the day open, I thought I would head back on the lake with Christiane, after dropping them off at the dock. No sense in cutting the entire day short! We immediately went back to a troll and her first fish of the day was a 7 pound walleye. Not a bad way to start! After getting a couple of smaller ones for our dinner, I thought we’d switch it up and go target smallies. She hadn’t fished them much this season until last weekend and definitely had the bug. We hit a few shallow spots and managed to get several good ones with a couple pushing 5 pounds. The remainder of the afternoon saw a mix of trolling walleye & casting smallies before we headed home. I was glad I hadn’t pulled the plug after the morning trip as many more fish were caught afterwards. To make matters even better, the ramp was relatively free and I was out in no time flat! I wish more days could be like this one!!