Stephane was back with me again today and this time he wasn’t alone. Martin joined him for only his second time fishing in 20 years. This was going to be a challenge! We met up before 7:00 and were headed to our first location soon after. Bass was on the menu and they were about to slaughter them good! Water temps were still around 73 degrees and the air was going to exceed 80 degrees by afternoon. I was glad we had gotten an early start because the lake was about to become a zoo with all the mid day cruisers! Well for only fishing once before, Martin caught on quickly and both he & Stephane were fast into fish. They may not have been huge but it was a good start for them before getting into the bigguns. The two places we hit first had loads of fish and catching them wasn’t a problem. In three hours or so they landed both numbers and some quality as well. Eventually we hit an area that had the better ones and unfortunately more were lost than landed. For some reason most were coming unpinned, but not all. They did manage to get a few over 4 pounds making for some great pics. This went on for the better part of the afternoon as well and plenty more fish were added to the numbers. We even trolled for a while in the afternoon to add a few walleye to their dinner menu. Knowing that the boat ramp was not going to be pretty, we pulled the plug around 4:00 and headed back. As with all weekend traffic here, I had close to 45 minutes before I was out. It’s amazing how people have no courtesy for others around them at boat ramps. This one really needs someone stationed there to do crowd control. Between cars parked in trailer slots illegally and boats tied to the dock for hours at a time, it’s frustrating at best most weekends. Throw in alcohol and it’s just insane! Oh well, at least the fishing was great today!!