A lapse in posting due to too much fishing has finally given me a break today. It’s raining and I have no client, so it’s time to catch up on my reports! Ira, his wife and their two grand daughters were with me today. Another “Dog Pecker Knat” day had me giving up two buffs to the kids as they were going crazy. The fishing on the other hand was excellent! With water temps stable around 73 degrees the walleye were definitely feeding. We caught plenty of them along with several northerns to keep all busy. Eventually we opted for a change and headed to another area, to cast for bass. This definitely worked out as everyone was hooked up shortly after we arrived. For a little over two hours, they fought one smallie after another before we broke for lunch and headed back for a break. With three women on board, facilities were the main concern! After a short pit stop, we headed back out for more action. Ira had informed me that they would like to be back by 2:00 so I decided to troll an area close by. It was obviously the right choice as the reels began to fire almost immediately with walleye. In the remaining hour or so, they got to play with 6 or 8 decent fish and all were livewelled for a quick photo shoot before being released. They had come all the way from Florida and had a blast catching three different species of fish in about 6 hours of time. All in all an excellent time was had by everyone and all fish were released today!!