After several successful scouting days on the water this week, I was really looking forward to today. Roger & Robin were with me and hopefully the fish would bite again. We launched shortly after 7:00 and I immediately went to the area that had produced the better walleye yesterday. Winds were blowing out of the NW at 10 or so knots and were scheduled to increase later in the day. Water temps were 62 degrees and stained. With all the rain lately, higher than usual levels had really caused the lake to be mud. In fact, there was floating debris in many areas just like the spring. We set a spread and trolled the area looking for active fish for about an hour before I realized they weren’t going to cooperate. I immediately shifted to another shallower place nearby and fired off several of the reels. Too bad most of these fish were pike or “Slough Sharks” as they called them. We did manage to get one walleye here but it was on the smaller side and another change was about to be made. I thought the water might be warmer on the other side of the lake and opted for the run. It was here that the reels went off plenty but once again most were small pike. Robin did however manage to land a real nice walleye of 4.5 pounds, but apparently it was alone. With winds lying down the dog pecker knats were inevitable and they didn’t disappoint! We combed this place for quite a while until we were fed up of the anorexic northerns and went casting for bass. Ironically, other than a couple of follows and one jump off in this area, they weren’t to bite. I know that I could have moved shallow and probably managed a few small males but I was after the larger, post spawn females instead. Oh yeah, another big walleye was on briefly as well! Our last stop was to be in a place that should have put out a combination of fish but for some reason, they too weren’t cooperating. Winds were up now and blowing 20 or more out of the NW creating a nice roll. Two more short strikes and one 2 pound walleye was all we saw for this place. They had wanted to leave by 3:00 and unfortunately we were now out of time. It was definitely a day full of light bites & short strikes where we fished. Other than all the skinny northerns, the action was hit & miss, literally! Roger had warned me at the start of the day that he was bad luck so we just blamed it all on him! Despite everything, they still caught a bunch of fish and left content. I do hope however that our weather begins to look more like summer and soon! Between rain, wind & cold, the fish aren’t really settling into their summer locations as of yet. One day they are there and the next day, gone!!