Reda finally made it out today and brought along his father to enjoy it as well. He also had Guillaume to accompany them making it a great trio! With 4 people in the boat, I was able to run a maximum rod spread to monopolize on the troll. With this being a long weekend, I knew the lake would be crowded and tried to get an early start to the day. Although we only left the dock after 8:00, it was still before most of the cruisers and sailboats began! Sunshine & light winds had us trolling 65 degree water in anticipation of our first bite. It’s been a grind this season with the fish on the move each day and today was no different. I thought I would start in an area that had produced the last time out, but soon found myself looking for new water once again. Eventually we had a reel go off and Reda’s dad was the lucky one. Not only did he get to fight the first fish, but he was into something big! The line was screaming off the reel and I knew what he had! When it took to the air in a tarpon like jump, we all knew as well. He had come all the way from France and was now battling a nice lunge. This fight went on for over 10 minutes before I actually managed to get her in the net. I made sure we got several good pics before releasing the muskie back to the lake unharmed. She swam off within seconds despite the long battle and they were in awe! None of them had ever seen a lunge before and they just witnessed why the apex predator was so sought after! With adrenaline high we reset the lines and began trolling again for walleye. Once I located them, the reels started going off pretty good. We had a combination of both pike and walleye with the emphasis on the eyes. Although nothing huge, they were still fun nonetheless. After getting their fill of trolling, we switched gears and went casting for smallies. I soon realized however that there was a tournament on the lake when I discovered several bass boats in areas I wanted to fish. I stopped in one place and ironically we had it to ourselves! Within seconds they were catching bass on crankbaits and loving it! In fact, in less than 30 minutes, there must have been about 15 smallies hooked from 2 to 3.5 pounds. Talk about a quick limit! When the action slowed, I decided to move to another area nearby. This only produced a couple of fish and another move was made. This one was a little further and equally as good. With the water high and really dirty, they only managed to catch 3 or 4 smallies and I pulled the plug again. I had wanted to drop shot close to the ramp at the end of the day and headed in that direction. By now the lake looked more like rush hour on Decarie and I had to maneuver carefully with all the cruisers. I ended up taking an alternate route to our destination as there must have been 20 or more going through a small narrow pass. Along the way we decided to stop and try our hand at a troll again as the water temps had warmed up slightly. I knew that with the sunshine and chop on the lake that there would be a few active fish. It didn’t take long before reels were going off and once again pike & walleye were being reeled in. They wanted to take a few fish home so I livewelled a few of them for later. We didn’t stay on the troll for too long as I had set them up to drop shot some deeper water further away. Here it didn’t take long either as all of them were quickly into fish! Bass, walleye and a few perch were taken from these rock piles, but more were lost than landed. These fish were really scattered all over this area and eventually we opted for another troll. With very little floating weeds present, they held the rods instead of placing them in the holders. Reda seemed like he was on fire as he boated several small walleye and a couple of bass before Guillaume finally hooked up. We finally called the day around 5:00 after the last fish was landed. They had experienced a difficult day on the water but monopolized on all the areas we fished. To them it was a great day, but to me it was below average! Although we landed plenty of good fish with a nice bonus lunge, I had to cover a lot of water in order to accomplish it. Once the water cleans up a bit and the visibility gets better, so will the fishing. Overall a good day of fishing under these conditions!!