What a season this has been so far! Between cancellations and rescheduling due to the weather, there hasn’t been much to report. Water temperatures have been like a roller coaster and the fish have definitely suffered because of it. May was a month full of surprises and most of them weren’t good. Fortunately today, this would all change! Ron & his friend Jose would have probably the best day of the year to date. Although they would only be fishing for half of it, there were more fish than most full outings. I was scheduled to meet them by 9:00 and fished for 20 or 30 minutes before, while awaiting their arrival. I had wanted to check an area and wasn’t disappointed. In less than 10 minutes I had landed 4 fish and knew where we would start! Within minutes after they had their lines in the water, Jose was locked up on the first fish. He had a nice walleye and their day was off to a great start when Ron doubled up as well. Both were post spawn walleye and the fish were soon returned to grow after a couple of pics. The next time Jose locked up, I told Ron to get ready and just like clock work, he was into another double. This time however, they were both smallies and fought like champs before being released. Within the first 10 minutes they had managed to land 4 fish and well on their way to an unbelievable half day of fishing. Despite the below average water temps of 63 degrees, these fish were ready to eat. We definitely monopolized on the area for several hours and were constantly into fish. Although they may have been smaller than I hoped for, it was non stop action. The morning started out with a NE wind of 5 to 10 knots but eventually switched over to a SW of around the same. These conditions were prime as the last few days had seen hurricane like winds and plenty of rain. When the bite finally slowed down, I decided to switch areas in hopes of finding some bigger fish. To my surprise, they were mostly small ones again and we kept looking. Eventually we went back to where we had begun the day and I decided to explore more water close by. I branched out from our little honey hole and found a few more fish for the guys to play with, but they were all the same size. My afternoon booking had recently cancelled and I offered Ron & Jose the time if they wanted. Seeing as how we were already fishing, I thought I would give them a couple more hours of catching. Unfortunately, they both had some work to do and I dropped them off at the dock and returned alone. This day had already been extremely productive but I wanted to find bigger eyes. I decided to try a summertime spot and although I covered lots of water, I found what I wanted. The first fish to fire the reel was a solid 5 pound walleye and I knew I was onto something. It may have been the only one to eat, but I was marking plenty of others that were there as well. If I was able to fish with more than one rod like earlier, I’m sure there would have been a few other bigguns coming aboard! I fished all over looking for more eaters and found plenty of smaller ones like Ron & Jose had caught. By 4:00 I had enough and pulled the plug for today. It was rewarding to finally get onto something of a pattern as the fish were actually beginning to concentrate. Up until today I was only able to pick at them each time out and patterning them was next to impossible. Hopefully this will continue as I am back on the water this weekend with three others and able to run multiple lines. This will definitely help in refining areas as well as some of the baits at various depths. Now, let’s just hope “Mother Nature” cooperates!!