We were back again this morning for what I hoped would be round two of the Smallmouth Olympics. I guess most people were thinking the same thing, as there were equal amounts of boats in the area as well. Although a week day, it seemed more like a weekend! With the expected high temps to reach about 70 degrees, I guess everyone was feeling sick today! After an unsuccessful first stop, we went somewhere else that I hoped would produce. A confirmation was had in less than 5 minutes when Steve locked up on a good starter fish. It was going to be another great day! Despite the hurricane like winds predicted for today, we were able to get some reprieve from the big howl. They were to blow 15 to 25 knots out of the west and it was going to get ugly! This didn’t bother us as confidence was high and the boat could handle it. We moved around and they picked at the fish for the first couple of hours, as well as missing several others. It didn’t matter though as anticipation was high, with every hit they received. This was a hunt for bigguns and you never knew what the strike would bring. Although there may not have been as many fish landed today, there were equally as many hits. I think by the time it was over, they had about a 50 percent landing ratio. No fault of theirs, just a lack of aggressive biters. It showed too as every fish that came aboard was just bloated. The most incredible one for today may not have been the heaviest, but it surely was the fattest. At only 15.5 inches, it weighed 3.75 pounds. How it could still eat remains a mystery! As with yesterday, we decided to call it a little early and quit shortly after 3:45. Steve had managed to land the last fish again today and we were off. The lack of numbers for these two days was justified by the overall size and they were glad. It was fall and a hunt for big fish was on the menu! Both Craig & Steve had landed their share of quality bass with a few real giants as well. This was a great way for both of them to end their season and satiate their need for smallmouth. The drive home would have plenty of talk and it would be about all the pigs, both caught & lost. It was definitely a great couple of days on the water and nobody got hurt!!