Darren was back for what would probably be his last kick at the can this season. We decided to go all in and were on the water shortly after 8:00. The weather was pleasant with the morning temps already in the 40’s and expected to rise into the 50’s by afternoon. Light SW winds of 5 knots along with the sunshine, made for an almost perfect morning. Water temps were around 46 degrees and the fish should be biting! Darren had a quick confirmation as the first of many smallies soon came aboard. It was one of those quality ones in the 4 pound range and hopefully not the last. In the first couple of hours there were many more fish landed with several 4 pound ones as well. Although it was good, it wasn’t great and I hoped it was just a late start for these bass. We moved around plenty covering water in the process and managed a few more hookups. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon, under slightly more miserable conditions that we zoned in on the mother load. It had started to rain and the winds had increased to 10 to 15 knots from the west, causing the fish to really turn on. In fact the remainder of the day was unbelievable with fish after fish getting hooked and they all seemed big. With the waves and rain, these bass went into a feeding frenzy for a couple of hours. Once the winds diminished, it slowed and now we had to work for them once again. The wave action had really helped the fishing by increasing the current flow. Unfortunately, someone had turned off the water and now we were back to very little movement again. We slowed down the presentations and only managed a few more bass, along with a couple of decent walleye. By 3:30 the rain had let up considerably and after one more quality bass, we called it a day. Darren had finished his season off with a bang. He had landed more big fish today than all the previous trips combined. Even the weather had cooperated for most part making this an almost perfect day all around. Hopefully it will continue allowing me to get back real soon!!