I was back on the water this morning with Darren & Leslie, just hoping for an easier day. At least we weren’t facing giant winds this morning and that was a bonus! We met up around 9:00 and dropped the boat in immediately after with high expectations. It was crisp, but the sun was out and there were no winds when we started making it quite comfortable. Almost immediately after we began, someone was locked up. Darren had hooked into a nice smallie and it was just the first of many for today. Leslie was soon to follow with a few of his own and both were on the board. We were drop shotting areas that should have been holding bigger fish but for some reason, they were smaller than I had expected. I decided to move around slowly having them cast different zones in search of the bigguns. Leslie managed to find a small area that started producing on almost every cast and they were better quality. We remained here until they actually got smaller and moved once again. It’s usually like that every where you go as the bigger ones tend to eat first! Plenty of mid sized fish were hooked in the first few hours before I decided to make a longer run to a place I hoped would be better. We weren’t disappointed as this was to be the zone with the largest ones of the day. Water temps were way down to 42 degrees and a slow approach was needed to get these fish to bite. It wasn’t fast & furious but by dead sticking in some areas they were able to pick up more bites. Fish of all sizes were hooked into here but Darren had the biggest bites. Unfortunately out of a possible 7 real heavy fish, he was only able to keep one of them pinned. We realized that based on the size of the landed one that all the others were giants as well. For whatever reason, it was not meant to be and they won! The activity level was definitely slow under these water temps and it wasn’t a surprise to see so many fish just barely eating today. In all the places they fished, some sort of activity was had. Although there was a brief period mid day that had the bigger ones sort of aggressive, it was still a slow bite. We finished off the day in what I dubbed the day care! There were loads of fish in this deep water but most were on the smaller side. It had plenty of action on almost every cast, but small. A few larger ones were mixed in but they were rare. We hung in as long as we were catching but eventually finished off on Darren’s last fish. Throughout this day there was loads of action by everyone and many fish were caught. Both Darren & Leslie had also slammed with a pike and walleye a piece! The weather would have to be the winner though as the heat from the sunshine had us removing clothing during the peak of the day. It was really pleasant not to be so bundled up and very comfortable fishing under these conditions. A perfect ending to a great day on the water!!