Ed & James were with me today, but on different water due to the winds. We were supposed to fish a lake for walleye but had to change plans with winds scheduled to blow at Gale. Some shelter would be required and I knew just the place! We began fishing shortly after 8:30 and were surprised to find that they were from an incorrect direction, once again. Instead of the S/W, they were straight west and would eventually have a little north thrown in just for laughs. It would be a tough one today! We had a really slow start before actually hooking up. Ed drew first blood late in the morning on a tube and so it began. From that moment on, they would be catching fish, but having a tough time too. The winds were so strong that just feeling the bottom was almost impossible. I gave James a drop shot rig instead and loaded it with a 1 ounce weight, just to make contact. Ed was struggling for a while as well but managed to get in the groove throwing directly into the wind. With boat control being next to impossible, I was eventually forced to go to the small engine, to aid the electric. I had been at almost full power most of the morning and the batteries were getting tired. Adding a little extra thrust would definitely help them cast in this howl. Thankfully the air felt warm and at least we weren’t freezing to death today. In fact it had been unseasonable warm the last couple of days and it showed. Even today there were several other boats around and it was a week day! I guess everyone wants to extend their fishing season as long as they possibly can this year. By moving around slowly I was able to find an area that seemed to be holding several fish and both Ed & James were hooking up. Each time we moved into there, someone was battling a bass. These fish were all quality and they loved it! Ed even managed to get a nice walleye and he was happy about that. He would be having fish tonight! As the weather was making things tough, I figured that there was no need to move and hung in here for the remainder of the day. Several more good bass were taken before we called it a day and rolled back to the dock. What had started a little slow definitely ended in a bang as both James and Ed fought many fish today. It took a little adjustment to be able to fish comfortably, but we had succeeded. Thankfully we were in a boat that could handle these conditions and the small motor really helped too. Overall, it was a great day for fishing!!