Craig came back for his last trip this fall and brought new blood with him today. Steve was going to see smallmouth fishing at its finest! We managed to get through the misty rain while driving and hoped it was over for the day. A trip wouldn’t be complete for Craig without some misery from Mother Nature! Although we did start fishing with an east wind and a light drizzle, it ended early in the morning and never reappeared again. In fact, when the rain ended, the winds also started blowing from the south and they were warm. It definitely had the makings of a real great day and it showed. By the time we reached our destination, there were 6 other boats in the general area. I was going to have to make a few adjustments if we were to compete with them. A few smallies were landed by Craig on jigs but I felt like we were always fishing used water. Eventually we shifted from there and the games began. I had figured out an area that no one was fishing and both Craig & Steve were into quality smallies. By adjusting the presentations and locations, I was able to monopolize on the larger fish and we were alone. At least I thought so until another boat came in and started casting. Not wanting to let it bother me, I instructed them to just keep fishing while I moved around, ignoring the intruder. We had many more hookups and a few double headers that had us quickly forgetting about the boat. The entire day was like this with plenty of action right until the end. Despite all the other boats around, I was doing something different that had the fish eating. It was just a great day for fishing and Steve couldn’t believe how good it actually was. We fished until about 3:30 and decided to call it a day after a few more fish. Steve actually landed a couple of walleye right at the end with the sun getting low. He had a great initiation into Canadian smallmouth fishing and couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come. We would be back again and hopefully the fish would be willing to cooperate once more. It was going be tough to sleep, for them tonight!!