Today was the first of a four day trip for Brian, all the way in from Alaska. We headed on the water around 8:30 and were faced with similar conditions as the previous day. Winds were blowing at 20 to 25 knots from the W/NW with heavier gusts at times. Looks like we would be limited to specific areas once more! The good thing about today was that it was suppose to reach into the 60’s with mostly sunshine. I ran to the first area and noticed a pile of fish in deeper water before I arrived causing me to turn around & do a drift. It didn’t take long before we were doubled up but they were mostly smaller fish and not what I was after. I idled around and made a few more drifts with several other small to medium bass getting caught along the way. Eventually I slid into where I had originally wanted and Brian hooked into a real good one, over 4 pounds. Hopefully this would be the first of many more to come! We really worked the area after this but it seemed like he had caught the only big fish willing to eat. It seemed like we were catching everywhere we fished, but they were either small or medium in size and I wanted better. He threw a crankbait for a while over some shallow rocky areas but only came up with one decent fish that had me wondering what was going on. I continued the search and managed to find him several more good fish in slightly deeper water but still not the ones I wanted. With the water rolling pretty good, I wasn’t able to fish all the areas I had planned on fishing and tried to find cleaner water. As with all the other places, fish were found on almost every one and they were a mix in size. From off shore humps to shallow rocky shoreline, they all held some bass. Late in the afternoon we noticed that the winds had switched and were now blowing light from the north. I changed areas and we were actually fishing in almost calm conditions. This was the first time in a couple of days that it was really easy to control the boat and I had Brian locking up on almost every cast. As with the fish previously caught though, they were mostly small to medium in size. We did manage to land a couple of better ones before another boat decided to pull over and anchor. Brian couldn’t believe his eyes when a boat full of Asians thought it would be a good idea to just join us where the fish were biting. They literally anchored about 20 feet from us! I just kept drifting until I was almost banging boats with them causing these idiots to pull anchor and move. Unfortunately, they only went about 50 feet but at least they were out of our path. You gotta love these guys! They vacuum everything in site and nothing ever gets returned no matter what size it is. Limits don’t apply either, as they keep everything they catch. Looks like the game wardens might be getting a call real soon! We stayed in this section until it was time to leave and Brian landed many more fish before we called it a day. Although it may not have been the banner day I had hoped for, we still caught plenty of fish under tough conditions. Hopefully the high winds are gone for a few days and the water can settle down, allowing me to complete all the areas to be fished. The bigger fish will surely turn on soon and I will be there to take part in catching them!!